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   Robert A.Kasting   

Bob has been a member of the Law Society of British Columbia since 1978. His practice in British Columbia is restricted to and divided among administrative law, estate litigation, and related civil litigation.

Bob is associate counsel to Stewart, Aulinger & Co, a law firm which was established about 55 years ago, and which, with a membership of ten lawyers, has been one of the dominant law firms on the Broadway corridor for over 40 years. It is located on the 12th floor of 805 West Broadway, at the corner of Broadway and Willow, two blocks from Vancouver General Hospital and three blocks from the Canada Line Broadway station.

After his call to the bar in 1978, Bob was in a private practice for 9 years, practicing civil litigation and conducting an estate practice. He joined the Government of the Northwest Territories for 5 years, where he was the Director of the Legal Division of the Department of Justice. During this time, as well as supervising the legal counsel who provided legal counsel to government, he acted as counsel before courts, administrative tribunals of government and in public hearings. He was also the Deputy Public Trustee, the government's Fair Practises (Human Rights) officer, and a mediator/arbitrator in the Rentalsman's office. He returned to Vancouver to become the Director of Client Services with the Legal Services Society (legal aid) of British Columbia. He returned to private practice in 1995. After returning to the private sector, Bob's practise has been focused on administrative law and contested estate disputes.

He has sat as a member or chair of several administrative panels since that time.